Eye Surgery

Alternatives for LASIK

If you are not a good candidate for LASIK there are many other ways that can still correct your vision and give you freedom from the glasses or contact lenses. Such as PRK or intraocular contact lens or lens exchange. In PRK used exactly the same laser that used for LASIK but it doesn’t make a flap. So the healing pattern is very different from LASIK. In intraocular contact lens that keeps your natural lens in, and on top of that puts a second lens inside your eye so you are not dependent on putting contact lenses on top of your eye externally. In lens exchange it can remove your natural lens and replace it with a new intraocular lens and that can give you vision free of eyeglasses or contact lenses.The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will consider applicants with PRK once they are fully healed and stabilized, provided there are no complications and all other visual standards are met. Pilots should be aware, however, that potential employers, such as commercial airlines and private companies, may have policies that consider refractive surgery a disqualifying condition. Also, civilians who wish to fly military aircraft should know that there are restrictions on those who have had corrective surgery. The Army now permits flight applicants who have undergone PRK or LASIK. Uncomplicated, successful corneal refractive surgery does not require a waiver and is noted as information only. 

Please don’t forget, eye surgeries which used laser are have some risks.

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