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Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?” is one of the most curious questions of those who think of LASIK surgery. You can read the answer to this question in detail in this article. You can write comments for other questions you are curious about.

LASIK eye surgery is a surgery performed while you’re awake, similar to a cavity filling. One of the most common questions people ask is, “How does LASIK eye surgery feel?” The short answer is “A little awkward, but otherwise not like much.”

First steps of LASIK eye surgery

During the first step of LASIK — the creation of the protective corneal flap with a laser or an instrument called a microkeratome — you will likely feel some pressure on your eye. But typically this is not painful, and the sensation lasts less than a minute.

When you return home from your LASIK surgery and the anesthesia (numbing) eye drops wear off, it’s common to experience sensitivity to light, watery eyes, and mild to moderate eye discomfort for a few hours. Generally, if this is bothersome, over-the-counter pain medications will ease the discomfort.

Holding your eye open

Once you lie down in the laser suite, the numbing eye drops will have taken effect, though your doctor may administer more. Your eyelids aren’t numb, so you may feel your doctor use an instrument to hold your eye open. This instrument looks like a speculum and can take a minute or so to adjust to. If you hold your eye open with two clean fingers, as if you’re putting in a contact lens, you can feel how your eyes adjust to reduced blinking. This is similar to how you’ll feel during LASIK eye surgery.

How does LASIK eye surgery feel afterward?

If you experience significant eye pain after LASIK surgery — especially if over-the-counter pain medicine is ineffective at managing it — call your LASIK surgeon for advice.

Some LASIK surgeons may routinely give their patients a prescription for pain medicine when they leave the laser center in case they need it later to manage short-term eye discomfort after surgery. But most patients find that if they experience eye discomfort after LASIK, it usually is relatively mild and resolves within several hours without medication.

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