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LASIK: Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

In this title we will share your reviews and comments about LASIK or an other Laser Eye Surgery. If you have experience with LASIK surgery and you have a story about it, you can send us to share here.

Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

«I was very afraid of the surgery. When I was sitting in front of the operating room, there was a moment when I thought that I could not overcome my fear. But I did. So far, I can’t believe that I have no glasses, and I can see all around! By the way, there was no reason to be afraid because it was painless. I did not feel any discomfort after the surgery, my vision was restored quickly. I am very happy! »

Reviewed by Viktorija Ivkova from Estonia

“My friends recommended me this clinic. Besides, I’m not the first time met the doctor who operated on me. I have always been very pleased with his work. The surgery was successful. Even the first few hours after the surgery, I did not feel any discomfort. I am very pleased with the result. I feel great. I would like to thank you. And I wish the doctor good health.”

Reviewed by Andrej Shkuratov from Russia


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