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Review about Chelsea Eye Ophthalmology

I’m pretty sure people write their first reviews on a horrible experience or a great experience.  For me, it’s clearly the latter.  My experience with Dr. Croad and his team has been nothing short of fantastic.

I first met with Christine, who is pretty much an kitten.  She guided me through every step of the entire process and really took care of me.  She thoroughly explained everything I needed to know and I rarely had to ask any questions.  She’s super easy to talk to and will brighten your day, making the whole ‘having a laser in your eye’ feel less traumatic.

On the day of the operation, Timothy prepared me and filled me in on all the information I needed and prepared a kit for me with everything I needed post-op.  He was so sweet, he even helped me get into a cab after the operation was done.

The operation itself was actually very relaxed and short (but not rushed).  Dr. Croad would explain to me everything he is doing so you’re not surprised by anything.  He made it a lot less stressful than going to the dentist (nothing against dentists!)…despite it’s your vision that’s at risk.  I did not experience any pain, only slight discomfort but that is to be expected.

My entire experience did not feel like a typical doctor’s visit but felt very personal thanks to the team.   Lasik is not only very expensive but also has a huge impact on your life, so it is very important you’re in great hands.

Note: I actually wrote this review the day after my operation, but decided to wait after my final check up in case there were complications.  Things only got better since!

E P.
Manhattan, NY

Manhattan LASIK Center

I can see! 100% go for it- professional, quick surgery, attentive staff, reasonable price. PRK was worth the weekend recovery!

My experience with Manhattan Lasik Center was very positive. The staff was straightforward and gave me all of the information that I needed. The consultation went efficiently, all staff making sure that they were answering all of my questions and were very attentive although there were several people waiting in the waiting room. They do so many procedures here, and not that it is robotic but there is something to be said about the term “well-oiled machine”. The cost was fair with no additional fees for follow ups. I like their transparency. Also the appointment was scheduled quickly so I didn’t have time to hem and haw, which was helpful.

I was not eligible for Lasik so I got the PRK treatment on a Thursday. Procedure was just as fast as lasik, quick and painless. They give you Valium before to chill you out first. Procedure flies by, the doctor again is straightforward and it’s over before you know it. The staff before and after was so nice and helpful- also directed my boyfriend where to go, etc. Irritation set in pretty quickly afterwards so I would recommend getting the meds picked up by someone else after the surgery and taking them immediately after. Just rest that first night into the next day and have some food ready to go.  I will be honest for two days I barely opened my eyes- it wasn’t pain it was more a feeling of discomfort that made me feel uneasy. My eyes were happier being closed and I was happier on the painkillers. You may need to rely on someone for a day or two, my boyfriend was a champ. They provided a number to call if needed at all through the weekend- I didn’t use it, but the fact that I had it in case I wasn’t feeling well or irritation was too much made me feel better.  It was a lot of just sitting around, listening to books on tape and resting. By day three I was up and around with no issues. Monday the bandage contacts were removed (quick and easy again) and my vision continues to get sharper with prescribed eye drops. Be patient- after the bandages are removed the first two days were a little frustrating because I felt like I still needed to put on glasses- they were better but still not sharp enough yet. After a week my vision is as if I was wearing my contacts again. It keeps getting better- mild euphoria!

I’m so happy I did this despite that two day recovery time. After reading reviews first, everyone’s experience is a little different. If you are debating and nervous about PRK, just do it. You will forget about the recovery once you realize that you can see with no contacts or glasses!

Bethany L.
New York, NY


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